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Our CEO, Nancy Lebold

Growing up just south of Portland in the lush Willamette Valley, Nancy is deeply connected to the local food culture. After attending Chemeketa Community College and Oregon State University, she spent more than 25 years at Winco, and later Food4Less. She believes in the importance of building strong relationships with customers, vendors and the community, as well as the vital role that staff play in a successful business.  

Mission Advisory Council

We formed our Mission Advisory Council in 2020, joining other B Corps in implementing mission-focused governance. Our esteemed council members each bring unique perspectives, ideas and valued advice to the table. Everyone who contributes to New Seasons Market—staff, customers, producers and community members—should have a voice. It's important for us to continuously translate our mission into action. So, we look to our Council to deepen our focus on the greater good of our communities.

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    Leadership Alumnae

    Karen Molis – Council Chair
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    Community Partners

    Jason Skipton — executive director, Growing Gardens Mara Rico – Empresas Program Manager, Adelante Mujeres Simone Carter BS, MBA – President, Good in the Hood
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    Customer Members

    Annie Tronco — Orenco Station, New Seasons Market, neighbor Chip Dunn — Happy Valley, New Seasons Market, neighbor Patricia Patyrak — Concordia, New Seasons Market, Co-Chair
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    Vendor Partners

    Cory Carman—chief executive officer, Carman Ranch Provisions Cindy Richter — director of business development and sales, Fruit World Co. Elsy Dinvil – Founder, Creole Me Up
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    New Seasons Market Staff

    Scott Birrer — cheese manager, New Seasons Market Bija Young – Risk Project Manager Athena Petty – Sr. Manager, Sustainability Jordan Duron-Sanchez – Beer & Wine Manager
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Making an Impact

We’re proud to shine a spotlight on the many ways that we bring profit and purpose together. And that’s powered, in no small part, by our customers. Our annual impact goals are always tied to our triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.