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Changemaking is key. Over the years, we’ve become a sustainability leader in our industry, and in one of the most climate-friendly regions in the nation. We hope others join us.

When it comes to sustainability, we fund and work for what’s right. Comprehensive, company-wide processes are in place for preventing food waste, reducing single-use packaging, mitigating climate change, and much more. We’re committed to strong local partnerships with mission-driven partners to build a more resilient and sustainable food system.

An image showing an individual placing an empty plastic container in a designated recycling bin.

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction is part of our DNA and a consistent focus as we strive to reduce our waste to landfills, mitigate and divert food waste, and create more opportunities for recycling.

An image of the exterior of a New Seasons Market store.

Climate Action

As a company founded with a mission to support sustainable food systems, we believe it is our responsibility to the local community to reduce our emissions.

New Seasons and Tillamook staff volunteers posing for a group photo at the planting event.


We advocate for government policy changes that benefit all, and partner with local producers, farmers, ranchers, and non-profits in building a more sustainable food system.

New Seasons Market staff member in a brown apron recycling plastic at a store.
Recyclable materials such as #1 clamshell berry containers and plastic overwrap.

Bring Us Your Hard-to-Recycle Materials

We got you! We offer in-store customer recycling for all sorts of items that can’t be recycled curbside. Accepted materials include plastic film, PakTech handles and clear #1 PET plastic. We also accept aluminum cans for our Cans for Kids Program. Let’s keep moving forward together.


Staff member on a Lend a Hand activity holding a rake and wearing gardening gloves in a field.

Making an Impact

We’re proud to shine a spotlight on the many ways that we bring profit and purpose together. And that’s powered, in no small part, by our customers. Our annual impact goals are always tied to our triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.